Star Group is an investment group with broad expertise and experience in the international real estate market. All the founding entities have achieved significant success during their 60 years of activity in the field of development and construction. The group operates in Israel, Great Britain, USA, and Europe.


In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Star Group has been active since 2003. To date, it has built almost 1,500 apartments and commercial areas worth more than 6 billion CZK. The group cooperates with representatives of the cities and districts in which it implements its projects and develops infrastructure within them that are added value not only for clients, but also for the district and its residents.

Whether it is residential and commercial buildings or projects intended for culture, community life and education, the common denominator for all of them is the responsible approach of a company that cares about the long-term quality of life in the localities in which it operates.

Kejřův mlýn

79 units, completed 2008

Kejřův park I & II

228 units, completed 2012 and 2014

Nad Vltavským údolím

108 units, completed 2006

River lofts

228 units, completed 2008